Chronicles of life in general and my adventures at a Liberal Arts University. Dreadlocks and frisbees galore.


The End of UPS

No. Not the shipping company, but my time at the University of Puget Sound. UPS, you brought me some interesting experiences, especially in the area of relationships. I you have taught me one thing about men, it’s that many, but not all are a holes who want/expect one thing. Sex. It’s quite true. I guess guys are not afraid to be VERY forward after they’ve kissed you maybe just once. A kiss or simple make out o them is like an open invitation to all the rest of the bases. Seriously. But, I still do have some faith in the male race.

UPS also taught me that I am definitely a Republican. Thank god I am transferring to a different, more conservative school. If I have to hear some hippie bashing Regan again, I might actually hurt them.

So thanks UPS for teaching me a lot about myself. I left my mark at upS as Gaga an no one shall soon forget me.

What happened to the true purpose of leggings and work boots?

  I am baffled by this new trend of crazy leggings. Personally, the craziest I will go with leggings is some sort of pattern on black ones. Something interesting and cool. Also, I strictly stick to beige and black and only under a skirt because its pretty cold in Washington. And the only time I go a bit crazy is for costume purposes only. But now, here at Puget Sound, we have an epidemic. #1 leggings as pants. And #2 leggings that just shouldn’t be worn. Example 1

  Dear Hipster, I want to help you but I can’t. Words cannot describe this travesty. Not only do you legs look like they have a couch from the 80’s on them, but you work boots are misleading. Are you going for a strenuous hike aver your Gender Studies/Philosophy/Studio Art class or your college radio show? I don’t think so. Example 2


My bet is that these leggings came from Target. I have a pair myself, but only wear them for special occasions like Halloween or a theme party. Now I do not have that big of a problem with the leggings in this context. She has a dark skirt and it adds a pop of color and it looks mildly decent. But I’m loving how this girl made little rips on ONE leg and I’m pretty sure they were done on purpose to add “texture” or “something interesting.” Or they could have been caused by their lethargic hipster cat becoming angry because you kept on playing too much The Smiths, Grizzly Bear, or Radiohead. 

Now on to my next point- the combat/hiking/working boots. I think these should only be worn by either (a) true punks, or (b) their actual purpose and in their natural color.

Just to put it, I am very confused. With you wearing these boots, I do not know if you are going into war at an Urban Outfitters or Vinyl Record store sale and if you get trampled by other hipsters, they can identify your body because of your bright colored boots. Or if you are planning to go hiking after playing Ultimate Frisbee in Quad or your shift at a coffee shop. Please tell me, for I am very very confused. 

In general, this post is to try to figure out why articles of clothing have lost their original intended purpose. Since when are work and combat boots acceptable as regular clothing? And since when have we accepted as a society that putting an ugly couch on your legs is ok? Where have we gone wrong? But, to each their own, thats all I have to say.

Why does it always seem like there is better talent on all the other “(a country)’s got talent”?

Extraordinary is ordinary- with a little extra.


If my time here at the University of Puget Sound has taught me one thing, it is that I have become much more thankful that I was raised the way I was. What has made me realize this, you may ask. One word. Dreadlocks.

I am a loving person, generally speaking, and although there may be some things that annoy me or that I may dislike, there are very few things that I actually HATE. Dreadlocks are one of those things.


First of all, they are disgusting. Like, actually disgusting. It’s like walking around in your own filth that is in the form of a mop on your head. It literally looks like a dirty mop unless your blonde. Second of all, they make one look so unprofessional, or like a hippie, and they just look plain stupid. And trust me kids, the hippie movement is never coming back and no one like a hippie nowadays. 

Now while I hate dreadlocks in general, what is worse is when girls have dreadlocks. WHY LADIES?!?!?! What has happened in your life that made you think “Hey, that look like a great idea.” IT”S NOT!!! It baffles me that you think this style looks good. You just look gross, I’m sorry to say it. 

Thinking about the “hippie” style that is so prevalent on campus has made me so thankful that I am the way I am. I now realize that I owe a great gratitude to my mother for keeping me on the right path in terms of manners, style (classic is always the best), hair, school etc. She never told me out right whenever I was going through a phase, and they were half-hearted phases at best, that I looked stupid or whatever the case may be. It was more of a disapproving look she gives you and a “suggestion” of what else I could wear/do with my hair etc. And If there is one thing you need to know about my Mother, is that if you just always agree with her, everything will be good.

In conclusion, people, especially ladies, no more dreads. Just please, no for the love of sweet baby Jesus. And secondly, thanks mom. Because of your stern looks and “suggestions,” you have morphed me into a respectable young lady. I’m so glad I will not be looking back at high school/college regretting my (insert cultural subgroup here) years. I am happy to be a prepster, a style which will never go out.

Me-clean cut, happy and looking at the camera.
Hipsters-can’t bear to look at the camera for fear it will steal their souls, and somehow need a help from a tree to support them? Maybe they were tired from playing too much ultimate frisbee or indoor rock climbing? 

Me-clean cut, happy and looking at the camera.

Hipsters-can’t bear to look at the camera for fear it will steal their souls, and somehow need a help from a tree to support them? Maybe they were tired from playing too much ultimate frisbee or indoor rock climbing? 

Life in Tacoma

We can just say Tacoma is an interesting place and my adventures here will be posted soon